Dr. Michael Finkel joined the FSN in 1999, when membership and meeting attendance was very low. His Action Plan for the AAN PALF program was to re-energize the FSN. It became an organization with geographic representation of private and academic practices in governance, along with Board members who are neurologists in training. The FSN annual meeting has evolved into one dedicated to the advancement of neurological knowledge for both neurologists and non-neurologists, and as a forum for future and present neurology trainees.

Dr. Finkel served FSN on the Board and committees for several years, including 2 years as President. He has lectured at the FSN annual meeting. He has lobbied state officials when necessary to ensure that neurology patients cannot be forced to take generic neurological medications without the approval of their neurologist. He has worked with Board members to set the foundation for the Florida Neuroalliance, to which he intends to devote time in my forthcoming retirement, with Board concurrence.  He has directed the FSN outreach program, the Nigeria Florida Neuroscience Partnership, which has held one major teaching meeting, and which has helped many Nigerian neurologists to attend observerships at Florida institutions.

Nationally, Dr. Finkel served on several AAN committees, including Legislative Affairs, International .Affairs (Past Chair) and Membership. He served as AAN Delegate to the World Federation of Neurology. He has been President of the Wisconsin Neurological Society and the Florida Society of Neurology.

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